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On Tuesday, February twenty first, Avi Gesser, Sam Allaman and Melissa Muse from our Information Technique and Safety Group hosted for a conversation between ChatGPT and ChatGPT on how lawyers are using ChatGPT, in addition to its dangers and advantages to the authorized trade.

The webcast included:

  • An indication of ChatGPT’s capability to draft authorized paperwork.
  • Using different AI instruments to show ChatGPT’s textual content into audio and video.
  • A proof of how ChatGPT works, what it’s good at, and which duties are past its present capabilities.
  • How ChatGPT thinks it should change the authorized occupation.
  • Issues for drafting an organization coverage on using ChatGPT for work.

No CLE was supplied for this program.

Register for an on-demand model of the here.


Avi Gesser is Co-Chair of the Debevoise Information Technique & Safety Group. His follow focuses on advising main corporations on a variety of cybersecurity, privateness and synthetic intelligence issues. He may be reached at


Samuel Allaman is an affiliate in Debevoise’s Litigation Division. He may be reached at


Melissa Muse is an affiliate in Debevoise’s Litigation Division. She may be reached at

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